US and English-language premiere of Alma Deutscher’s opera ‘Cinderella’

This weekend marks the US and English-language premiere of Alma Deutscher’s Cinderella, at San José’s California Theatre with Opera San José. An opera in four acts, Cinderella had its first staged performances last December at Casino Baumgarten, Vienna.

Alma’s Cinderella is based on the fairy tale, but the setting is an opera company run by the stepmother (who inherited it from Cinderella’s father when he died), Cinderella is a composer, and the prince is a poet.

The extract below features Cinderella’s ballad from Act I, after she realises that she is alone in the world. Later in the opera, when Cinderella flees the ball, she sings the end of the aria to the Prince. He becomes haunted by the melody, and this is how he will eventually find Cinderella: not with a shoe, but through her melody.

Watch a profile on Alma, originally broadcast on CBS on 5 November, here: “60 Minutes Sunday”

Read an interview with Alma, published in the Financial Times on 15 December, here: “12-year-old prodigy Alma Deutscher on homeschooling and Mozart” (£)

Presented by the Packard Humanities Institute and Opera San José, performances of Cinderella take place on 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 December 2017 at the California Theatre in San José. More information here.

The performance on Wednesday 20 December will be broadcast live by, from 8pm PST (4am GMT on 21 December). Watch here.

Cast & creative

Cinderella: Vanessa Becerra/Natalie Image
Prince: Jonas Hacker
Stepmother: Mary Dunleavy
Zibaldona: Karin Mushegain
Griselda: Stacey Tappan
Emeline : Claudia Chapa
King: Nathan Stark
Minister: Brian James Myer

Conductor: Jane Glover
Stage Director: Brad Dalton
Assistant Conductor: Andrew Whitfield
Chorus Master: Andrew Whitfield
Choreographer: Richard Powers
Set Designer: Steven Kemp
Costume Designer: Johann Stegmeir
Costume Director: Alyssa Oania
Lighting Designer: David Lee Cuthbert
Wig & Makeup Designer: Robert Pickens

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