Partitura Project begin residency at inaugural season of Pause Festival

The Partitura Project begin their residency this week at the inaugural season of the Pause Festival, in the scenic surroundings of Finca La Donaira, a farm and retreat in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain.

Pause Festival seeks to give its audience an opportunity to rekindle the connection between humankind and nature by encouraging them to immerse themselves in nature, allowing them to step away from the urban treadmill and remember the important things in life. Along with other artists, the Partitura Project will present several concerts throughout the festival in an open-air concert hall as well as running workshops with young musicians. The aims of the festival align closely with the group’s own – their wish to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of humans in their environment and to remind us of the importance of fundamental human values.

The first recital, on 18 August, features a Viennese themed programme including works by Beethoven and Schubert, performed by Julien Brocal, Julien Libeer, Lilit Grigoryan, and Miloš Popović. Following this, on 19 August, is a recital with the theme ‘Abstraction’ where the same four pianists will perform works by Berg, Ravel, Bartok, and more. Joining them on 21 August is fellow Partitura member Talar Dekrmanjian (soprano) and guest artist Camille Thomas (cello) for a recital that includes works by Franck, Berlioz, Debussy, and Casals, all programmed around the theme of ‘Absence’. Finally, on 22 August, Maria João Pires — founder of the Partitura Project — will join the four pianists for a grand finale concert with works for four, six, and eights hands by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Mozart, plus they will share the platform with the students from their workshops. All of these concerts will be presented in the style of nature, leaving the exact works performed at each concert to be decided on the night.

Find full details of the festival here.


18 August 2017, 9.30pm
Viennese themed programme with works by Beethoven and Schubert
Julien Brocal, Julien Libeer, Lilit Grigoryan and Miloš Popović

19 August 2017, 9.30pm
Abstraction – works by Berg, Ravel and Bartok
Julien Brocal, Julien Libeer, Lilit Grigoryan and Miloš Popović

21 August 2017, 9.30pm
Absence – works by Franck, Berlioz, Debussy and Casals
Julien Brocal, Julien Libeer, Lilit Grigoryan, Miloš Popović, Talar Dekrmanjian and Camille Thomas

22 August 2017, 9.30pm
Grand Finale – works for four, six, and eight hands by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Mozart
Maria João Pires, Julien Brocal, Julien Libeer, Lilit Grigoryan, Miloš Popović and students from the workshops

^ The beautiful surroundings of Finca La Donaira
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