In search of the Bohemian Sound

Bamberg in Bavaria is a perfect jewel of a city in the very heart of Europe. In its 1000-year history this UNESCO World Heritage city has produced stunning architecture, a Holy Roman Emperor, a Pope and… a world-class orchestra! In 1946 former members of Prague’s German Philharmonic Orchestra met fellow musicians who had also been obliged to flee their homes. In Bamberg, which bears a beautiful resemblance to their hometown Prague, they founded a new orchestra: the Bamberg Symphony. The link with Prague’s Orchestra makes Bamberg the inheritor of a long musical tradition and of that special “Bohemian sound” for which the Bamberg Symphony has since been admired for all over the world . Over the decades, the members of the Orchestra changed, but its sound lasted.

As a traditional touring Orchestra, the Bamberg Symphony has been travelling all around the globe and has performed in the world’s most prominent venues. In May 2014, however, they set out for a concert in a very special place – the one they came from: Prague

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