Dazzling debut for Ludovic Tézier

Bravo to Ludovic Tézier who is currently making his role debut as the Conte di Luna in a new production of Verdi’s ‘Il Trovatore’ at the Opéra de Paris. Feted as one of the leading baritones in the world today, Ludovic is joined by a stellar cast including Anna Netrebko, Ekaterina Semenchuk and Marcelo Alvarez.
The critics have been unanimous in their praise of Ludovic, calling his interpretation of the aria ‘Il balen del suo sorriso’ a “…un moment d’une beauté terrible…Une prise de rôle inoubliable…” (www.classiquenews.com) whilst also praising the way he has  rendered the evil Count humane, announcing him as “…sans rival…”.
Bravo and toi toi toi for the remaining performances!
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