Partitura Project

Partitura Project

Askonas Holt are working specifically with the pianists Lilit Grigoryan, Miloš Popović, Julien Brocal and Julien Libeer as part of the Partitura Project.


The Partitura Project is a movement founded by a collective of artists, questioning their role and responsibility – be it æsthetic, ethical, social, pedagogical or spiritual – in a society where some of the most fundamental human values seem in crisis. It is the group’s aim to enable an open dialogue between different genres of art and science, and to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of humans in their environment.

Partitura’s activities may take various forms, including:

  • Presenting concerts in new and unusual ways by uniting musicians of all generations on both traditional and alternative performance spaces, sometimes in association with other art forms (such as dance, theatre, circus etc), in order to appeal to new audiences
  • The creation of music workshops in hospitals, psychiatric centres and prisons
  • The evaluation of different projects and applied methods by a group of neuro-scientists and psychologists
  • Arranging conferences/encounters with scientists, philosophers and psychologists, with the purpose of nurturing relationships between science, music and other art forms
  • The creation of choirs for disadvantaged children


Video & Audio


Emoción con Mozart a seis manos en el Auditorio Nacional

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 25 Jan 2017

Maria João Pires, Julien Brocal & Ignasi Cambra play Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 as […]


Askonas Holt are working specifically with the pianists Lilit Grigoryan, Miloš Popović, Julien Brocal and Julien Libeer as part of the Partitura Project, please click on these names to see their individual artist pages and find further information on them.

The Partitura movement comprises of both musicians and non-musicians, who contribute to the different projects of this movement:

  • Dominique Bertrand (music therapist)
  • Julien Brocal (piano)
  • Talar Dekrmanjian (soprano)
  • Mertol Demirelli (piano)
  • Lilit Grigoryan (piano)
  • Leonardo Hilsdorf (piano)
  • Ashot Khachatouryan (piano)
  • Kaito Kobayashi (piano)
  • Tony Lee (piano)
  • Julien Libeer (piano)
  • Maria João Pires (piano)
  • Miloš Popović (piano)
  • Matan Porat (piano & composer)
  • Frédéric Sounac (author)