Maxim Mironov

Engagements this season and beyond include La fille du régiment at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Prince Ramiro La Cenerentola at La Scala, Riccardo Percy Anna Bolena at the Royal Opera House, Muscat, Count Almaviva Il barbiere di Siviglia at Deutsche Staatsoper, and his house debut at Liceu Barcelona as Lindoro in L’italiana in Algeri.

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Maxim Mironov began his career winning the Neue Stimmen competition in Germany.  His discography includes numerous recordings for labels including Dynamic, Bongiovanni, Bel Air Classic, and Opus Arte. He features on the CD of I Briganti (Naxos), recorded live at the Rossini in Wildbad Opera Festival in July 2012 and recorded Rossini’s Ricciardo e Zoraide in which he sings the title role (Naxos 2014). His debut solo disc La Ricordanza was released in 2017, based on Bellini’s life, consisting of a series of narrative recitals in which the tenor tells the story of Bellini through his vocal chamber music, exploring the personal side of his biography.


Performance Schedule


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    La Ricordanza

    Label: Illiria Productions

    Release Date: 20 Apr 17

    Tenor: Maxim Mironov
    Piano: Richard Barker

    The Russian belcanto tenor Maxim Mironov narrates the life of Vincenzo Bellini through his vocal chamber music recreating the atmosphere of the salons for which it was written, accompanied by the English pianist Richard Barker, with the authentic tone of two early nineteenth century instruments, a modern copy of a Viennese Graf and an original Parisian Pleyel such as was played by Bellini’s contemporary and friend Frédéric Chopin.

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    MERCADANTE I Briganti

    Label: Naxos

    Release Date: 01 Jul 14

    Conductor: Antonino Fogliani

    Bruno Praticò
    Maxim Mironov
    Vittorio Prato
    Petya Ivanova
    Rosita Fiocco
    Atanas Mladenov
    Jesús Ayllón

    Virtuosi Brunensis
    Camerata Bach Choir

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    ROSSINI La Cenerentola

    Label: Glyndebourne

    Release Date: 01 Jan 13

    Conductor: Vladimir Jurowski

    Ruxandra Donose
    Maxim Mironov
    Alessandro Corbelli
    Raquela Sheeran

    Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

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    ROSSINI La Cenerentola

    Label: Dynamic

    Release Date: 30 Apr 10

    Conductor: Evelino Pido
    Director: Daniele Abbado

    José Maria Lo Monaco
    Maxim Mironov
    Roberto De Candia
    Nicola Ulivieri
    Paolo Bordogna
    Eleonora Cilli
    Alessandra Volpe

    Orchestra & Chorus Fondazione Petruzzelli, Bari,

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    ROSSINI L'Italiana in Algeri

    Label: Bel Air Classiques

    Release Date: 30 Jun 08

    Conductor: Riccardo Frizza

    Christianne Stotijn
    Maxim Mironov
    Marco Vinc
    Ruben Drole,
    Giorgio Caoduro
    Elisaveta Martirosyan
    Sabina Willeit

    Mahler Chamber Orchestra

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    ROSSINI La donna del lago

    Label: Naxos

    Release Date: 01 Dec 07

    Conductor: Alberto Zedda

    Wojtek Gierlach
    Sonia Ganassi
    Marianna Pizzolato
    Maxim Mironov
    Stefan Cifolelli
    Ferdinand von Bothmer

    SWR Radio Orchestra Kaiserslautern

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    ROSSINI L'Italiana in Algeri

    Label: Dynamic

    Release Date: 01 Jun 06

    Conductor: Renzetti Donato

    Pizzolato Marianna
    Vinco Marco
    Maxim Mironov
    De Simone Bruno
    Bargnesi Barbara
    Lo Monaco José Maria

    Rossini Opera Festival Pesaro
    Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna
    Coro da Camera di Praga

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    ROSSINI La Cenerentola

    Label: Opus Arte

    Release Date: 01 Jun 06

    Conductor: Vladimir Jurowski
    Director: Sir Peter Hall

    Ruxandra Donose
    Maxim Mironov
    Simone Alberghini
    Luciano di Pasquale
    Raquela Sheeran
    Lucia Cirillo
    Nathan Berg

    London Philharmonic Orchestra
    The Glyndebourne Chorus

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    ROSSINI Maometto Secondo

    Label: Dynamic

    Release Date: 01 Sep 05

    Conductor: Pier Luigi Pizzi
    Director: Claudio Scimone

    Maometto secondo: Lorenzo Regazzo
    Selimo: Federico Lepre
    Paolo Erisso: Maxim Mironov
    Anna: Carmen Giannattasio
    Calbo: Anna Rita Gemmabella
    Condulmiero: Nicola Marchesini

    Teatro La Fenice

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    19 Aug 18 ROSSINI Il barbiere di Siviglia
    Rossini Opera Festival

    “Russian tenor Maxim Mironov was the Conte d’Almaviva. Boyish good looks and ballerino physique aside, Mironov exhibited a wonderful Rossinian vocal technique, keeping us guessing as to what his next notes would be in the aria, ‘Cessa di piu resistere.'”

     Leonard Turnevicius, The Spec, 20 August 2018

    “Maxim Mironov demonstrated that he has both the acting skill and the vocal agility for Almiviva”

    Stephen Hastings, Opera News, 29 August 2018

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    11 Mar 18 GLUCK Orphée et Eurydice
    Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

    “Russian tenor Maxim Mironov was a trumpet-voiced Orpheus who never tired during his ultra-long part.”

    Maria Nockin, Broadway World, 11 March 2018

    “The singers are believable as dancers. Maxim Mironov proves capable of handling the high tenor tessitura while suavely sashaying with his scarf.”

    Mark Swed, LA Times, 12 March 2018

    ” the dancing furies and Elysian post-mortals of the Joffrey integral with the fiery passion of high-ranging tenor Maxim Mironov’s Orpheus”

    Marc Haefele, SCPR.org, 20 March 2018

    “Maxim Mironov, as a blond Adonis of an Orpheus, sang the high tenor role with a warm, resonant, forward-placed voice and even negotiated an agreeable melisma in dense arias.”

    Donna Perlmutter, LA Observed, 21 March 2018


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    16 Aug 17 ROSSINI La pietra del paragone
    Rossini Opera Festival

    “The young tenor Maxim Mironov, who played the poet Giocondo, was the name on everyone’s lips by the end of the show. His voice is… it is beautifully produced, and focuses to a laser-like point up top. Mironov has a lovely sense of line, and also has necessary bite in the sound for the coloratura…”
    James Imam, BachTrack, 13 August 2017

    “Russian tenor Maxim Mironov as cavalier Giocondo delivers the showpiece aria “Quell’alme pupille” (These gentle eyes) stylishly, with a sustained High C.”
    Clare Colvin, The Express, 20 August 2017

    “L’élégance virtuose de Maxim Mironov, Giocondo mélodieux, souple et puissant, convient parfaitement au jeune poète sensible et délicat, et lui vaut aussi des applaudissements après Quell’alme pupille (Acte II, scène 4), véritable mini leçon de bel canto.”
    Élisabeth Schneiter, ResMusica, 29 August 2017


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    16 Jun 17 ROSSINI Il Signor Bruschino
    Théâtre des Champs-Élysées

    “À son entrée en scène, on est dans un premier temps frappé par l’élégance naturelle de Maxim Mironov. Une élégance qui se retrouve également dans un chant qui s’assouplit au fil de la soirée, un phrasé délicat et une voix claire, solide et bien projetée dans tous les registres.”
    Steeve Boscardin, Resmuisca, 18 June 2017

    “Enfin, en amant éperdu et rusé, Maxim Mironov est presque trop probe, mais sa voix dense, son style impeccable et son timbre caressant, devenus trop rares à Paris, s’écoutent avec délice, d’autant qu’il semble avoir gagné en puissance.”
    Guillaume Saintagne, Forum Opera, 16 June 2017

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    29 Mar 17 ROSSINI L'italiana in Algeri
    Wiener Staatsoper

    “Altrettanto bravo, se non ancora più stupefacente il Lindoro di Maxim Mironov. Un altro giovane che ha l’epressività di un attore consumato e la voce coi sovracuti perfetta per i ruoli rossiniani.”

    Di Bartolo, Operaeopera, 10 April 2017

    “Maxim Mironov (Lindoro), qui sait en revanche exactement que faire de sa partie: une voix énergique, homogène sur tous les registres, des aigus éclatants qui servent son personnage plutôt que de simple faire-valoir.”

    Dimitri Finker, ConcertoNet, 2 April 2017

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    15 Dec 16 BELLINI Recital
    Stanislawksy Theatre Moscow

    “Максим Миронов – замечательный лирический тенор, признанный россиниевский виртуоз. ”
    “Maxim Mironov – a great lyric tenor, recognized Rossini virtuoso.”
    Татьяна Елагина, Music Seasons, December 2016

    “Миронов, признанный авторитет в этой области, обладает вокалом, позволяющим ему блистать в операх бельканто, и не где-нибудь, а на родине стиля, в Италии. И не только в операх Россини.”

    “Mironov, a recognized authority in this field, has vocals, allowing it to shine in the bel canto operas, and not just anywhere, but at home the style in Italy. And not only in operas by Rossini.”

    Майя Крылова, www.rewizor.ru, 27 December 2016

    “Концерт-рассказ, состоявшийся 15 декабря, с новой силой убедил в том, что этот на редкость изысканный, утонченный певец – не просто обладатель высокого и легкого тенора благородно-яркого тембра, не просто мастер бельканто и не просто мастер лирически-проникновенных.”

    “Concert-story, which took place on December 15 with a bang convinced that this extremely elegant, refined singer – not just the owner of a high and noble light tenor-bright timbre, not just a master of bel canto, and not just a master of lyrical soulful.”

    Игорь Корябин, Belcanto.ru, 23 December 2016

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    02 Dec 16 ROSSINI Il barbiere di Siviglia
    New National Theatre Tokyo

    “Maxim Mironov made a successful Tokyo debut, and just as he wooed Rosina with his singing, he sedcued the audience throughout the show, especially with his impressive final aria….Mironov proved himself a strongly emerging Rossini tenor.”
    Ju Hyuk Kim, Bach Track, 2 December 2016

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    12 Oct 16 SALIERI Falstaff
    Wiener Staatsoper

    “Cerniera tra i baritoni e i soprani è, infine, il tenore Maxim Mironov come Mr. Ford: alte referenze rossiniane e provvidenziale adozione italiana ne fanno, tout court, un mordace modello di vulcanica eleganza.”
    Francesco Lora, L’ape musicale, 23 October 2016

    “Maxim Mironov gestaltet die Partie ihres Gatten mit schlankem Tenor, der in den Höhen enorme Strahlkraft entwickelt.”
    Thomas Molke, ONM, October 2016

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    01 Jul 16 Rossini Festival

    “Maxim Mironov, der in diesem Jahr in Bad Wildbad auch noch ein Belcanto-Konzert
    mit Arien vorstellt, die Komponisten wie Rossini und Donizetti für den Ausnahmetenor Rubini komponiert haben, kann auch in der Partie des
    Gernando unter Beweis stellen, dass ihm die hohe Tenorlage großartig in der Kehle liegt. Schon bei seiner Auftrittskavatine begeistert Mironov mit strahlend ausgesungenen Höhen und reißt das Publikum zu Begeisterungsstürmen hin.”
    Thomas Molke, Online Musik Magazin, July 2016

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    23 May 16 ROSSINI L'Italiana in Algeri
    Theatre du Capitole Toulouse

    “Son amoureux le ténor Maxim Mironov est un Lindoro de rêve tant vocalement que scéniquement. Le ténor russe a une voix agréablement sucrée sans mièvrerie. Lui aussi a un timbre d’une homogénéité parfaite et vocalise admirablement. C’est pourtant son legato et son utilisation de nuances et des couleurs qui font tout le prix de ses délicieuses cavatines.”
    Hubert Stoecklin, Classique News, 1 June 2016

    “Maxim Mironov (Lindoro) est une superbe surprise lyrique, dès la cavatine initiale montrant l’excellence du ténor, maintes fois salué…”
    Anaclase, 17 May 2016

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    10 Mar 16 ROSSINI Otello CD
    Dynamic CDs

    “More important than usual in Rossini’s version, the role of Rodrigo is delivered with accoplishmen and a dulcet quality by Maxim Mironov.”
    George Hall, Opera Magazine, March 2016

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    26 Feb 16 VERDI Otello
    Theater an der Wien

    “Die dunkel gewordene Mittellage gibt der Rolle ein markant männliches Profil und bildet einen klanglich klar abgegrenzten Gegenpol zu Maxim Mironovs hellem Rodrigo, bei dem man sich passagenweise eine legatoreichere Phrasierung gewünscht hätte.”
    Rainhard Wiesinger, Klassik, 21 February 2016

    “Begeistert war das Publikum auch von Maxim Mironov, der als Rodrigo im Hit dieser Oper, „Ah come mai non senti“, mit Virtuosität und hellem, weichem Rossini-Timbre gleichermaßen überzeugte.”
    Bach Track, 26 February 2016

    “Maxim Mironov brought a “classical” Rossini instrument and technique…”
    Moore Parker, The Opera Critic, 19 February 2016

    “Als braves Sohnchen Rodrigo hat der Tenor Maxim Mironov viele starke Szenen.”
    Peter Jarolin, Kurier, 21 February 2016

    “Letzterer spielt zwar kaum eine Rolle m Drama, kompensiert dies aber mit rasenden Koloraturen in aberqitzigen Hohen. Der Russen Maxim Mironov scheint das kaum Muhe zu kosten.”
    Thomas Gotz, Kleine Zeitung Steiermark, 21 February 2016

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    20 Aug 15 ROSSINI La Gazzetta
    Rosini Opera Festival

    “Maxim Miranov was vocally secure as Alberto, the rich boy.  His O lusinghiero amor was the memorable bel canto moment of the evening…”
    Jack Buckley, Seen and Heard, 18 August 2015

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    18 Jun 15 ROSSINI La Cenerentola
    Teatro di San Carlo

    “Considered one of the most interesting Rossini tenors of his generation, Mironov was impressive as the Prince with his bel canto style of singing, consisting of rapidly ascending and descending melodic lines, with great high notes.”
    Lorenzo Fiorito, Back Track, 30 June 2015

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    12 Jun 15 MOZART Don Giovanni
    L'Opera de Monte-Carlo

    “Maxim Mironov (Don Ottavio) a gagné en largeur vocale ces dernières années, et sa ligne de chant toujours soignée en fait l’un des meilleurs titulaires actuels, alors que Giacomo Prestia est un Commandeur à la voix autoritaire et bien stable”.
    Francios Jestin, Revue De Presse, 28 March 2015

    “Assai bravo Maxim Mironov, un Don Ottavio che in mezzo ad un cast vocale che tende a far la voce grossa figura con un volume di voce…  lo stile è sovrano e l’eleganza con cui intona le arie (la seconda delle quali, “Il mio tesoro”, infarcita da una cadenza in acuto che svela le reali possibilità di una voce che sappiamo primeggiare nel repertorio rossiniano) confermano in lui un cantante che ha nell’eleganza e nel bel porgere una stimabile cifra mozartiana. Anche nel cast femminile colpisce la differenza di approccio stilistico”.
    Alessandro Mormile, Revue De Presse, 28 March 2015

    “Le ténor russe Maxim Mironov campe un Ottavio aux aigus sûrs, avec une longueur de souffle et une faconde acquises au contact des compositeurs italiens de l’Ottocento”.
    Emmanuel Andrieu, Revue De Presse, 28 March 2015

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    09 May 15 ROSSINI La Cenerentola
    Washington National Opera

    “Mr. Mironov possesses an exquisitely supple, lyrical, almost flowery voice and his singing was perfectly beautiful on Saturday evening.”
    Terry Ponnick, Communities Digital News, 10 May 2015

    “Isabella’s romantic counterpart, the prince charming, is Don Ramiro, sung on Saturday night by Russian tenor Maxim Mironov who certainly won me over with his clear, light voice that matched Leonard for letting the ornamental passages shine throughout the score. Mironov was also convincing as the disguised prince who switches places with his valet to see if a young lady is truly worthy of becoming his princess.”
    Jeffrey Walker, Broadway Opera World, 11 May 2015

    “Particularly pleasing was the Prince, or Don Ramiro, of Maxim Mironov, a tall tenor with a gentle whitish sound in a most respectable company debut.”

    Anne Midgette, Washington Post, 10 May 2015

    “Mironov was splendid as the Prince and his bel canto tenor voice proved a model for this style of singing with its rapidly ascending and descending ornamentation and beautiful high notes. No wonder he is considered one of the best Rossini tenors of his generation!”
    Susan Galbraith, DC Theatre Scene, 12 May 2015

    “…Ramiro, portrayed here by tenor Maxim Mironov. Mr. Mironov possesses an exquisitely supple, lyrical, almost flowery voice and his singing was perfectly beautiful.”
    Terry Ponick, Communities Digital News, 11 May 2015

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    16 Oct 14 GLUCK Iphigénie en Tauride
    Theater an der Wien

    “Not to be underestimated, the high-lying tenor role of Achille which Maxim Mironov well negotiated with his bright vibrant tenor leggiero, clever register combinations, and the appropriate physique.”
    Moore Parker, The Opera Critic, 21 October 2014

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    05 May 14 MERCANDANTE I Briganti CD

    “Russian tenor Maxim Mironov makes an outstanding bel cantist….”

    Andrew Clark, Financial Times.com, 27 June 2014

    “There is some admirably no-nonsense singing from a committed cast led by Bruno Praticò, Maxim Mironov and Petya Ivanova…”
    Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph, 8 July 2014

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    09 Apr 12 La Muette de Portici
    Opéra Comique, Paris

    “Maxim Mironov’s Aphonse is tastefully dispatched…”

    Francis Carlin, The Financial Times, 9 April 2012

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    19 Feb 11 ROSSINI Il Turco in Italia
    Los Angeles Opera

    “Maxim Mironov, as Don Narciso, is a true Rossinian tenor, sweet and extremely flexible.”
    Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times, 20 February 2011

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    01 Mar 09 ROSSINI L’Italiana in Algeri
    Teatro Real de Madrid

    “Maxim Mironov is a good tenorino with a very pleasant voice, who sings with good style.”
    José M Irurzun, Seen and Heard International, 3 March 2009



BELLINI I Puritani
DONIZETTI La Fille du Regiment (Tonio)
DONIZETTI Don Pasquale
DONIZETTI Maria Stuarda
GLUCK Orphée et Eurydice
GLUCK Iphigenie en Aulide (Achilles)
MOZART Cosi’ fan tutte (Ferrando)
MOZART Don Giovanni (Don Ottavio)
MOZART Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Belmonte)
RAMEAU Castor et Pollux
RIMSKY KORSAKOV The Golden Cockerel
ROSSINI La donna del lago
ROSSINI Il signor Bruschino
ROSSINI Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
ROSSINI Il Turco in Italia (Narciso)
ROSSINI L’Italiana in Algeri (Lindoro)
ROSSINI La Cenerentola (Don Ramiro)
ROSSINI La Comte Ory
ROSSINI Otello (Rodrigo)
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